Broken Darkness 2018 Full Movie Download

27 Jul

Broken Darkness 2018 Full Movie Download openloadGenre: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Director: Christopher-Lee dos Santos
Writers: Christopher-Lee dos Santos, Christopher-Lee dos Santos
Stars: Sean Cameron Michael, Suraya Santos, Brandon Auret
Country: South Africa
Language: English
Release Date: 27 February 2018 (Japan)
Runtime: 118 min

Broken Darkness tell the story of Sam (Sean Cameron Michael), whose son was killed in a Meteor shower, also resulting in the end of world. He is now living underground for the survival with his trusted friend Troy (Brandon Auret ). Both of them along with a young female Rose (Suraya Santos) embark on a journey through underground world to find a safe place. On the way they comes under attack by heavily armed rangers, mutated creatures, bandits and cannibals. In short movie is all about courage, friendship and selflessness.


Broken Darkness 2018 Full Movie Download Openload

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