BuyBust 2018 Full Movie Download

29 Nov

BuyBust 2018 Full Movie Download OpenloadGenre: Action, Thriller
Director: Erik Matti
Writer: Erik Matti
Stars: Anne Curtis, Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying, Victor Neri
Country: Philippines
Language: Filipino and English
Runtime: 126 min

Anti-narcotics agents raids a slum in Manilla in order to recover the drugs for smuggling, only to know that they are under trap. Hordes of marginals inside the slum tries to lynch the cops, leaving no option for police, but to kill them. Movie deals with war on drugs by government along with socio-political situation. Our main agent is Nina Manigan (Anne Curtis) whose mission gets compromised by dirty cops and now she is trapped between drug cartel and blood thirsty citizens.


BuyBust 2018 Full Movie Download Openload

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