The Heiresses 2019 Full Movie Download

21 Dec

The Heiresses 2019 Full Movie Download
Genre: Drama
Director: Marcelo Martinessi
Writer: Marcelo Martinessi
Stars: Ana Brun, Margarita Irun, Ana Ivanova
Country: Paraguay
Language: Spanish
Runtime: 98 min

The Heiresses is the story of a descendant of a wealthy family- Chela, and Chiquita who suddenly faces a major financial crisis which forces them to sell their inherited possessions. The major case of debt makes Chiquita undergo fraud activities for which she was charged later on. This makes Chela face the absolutely new reality of life where she begins to live on her own by providing the taxi service to the wealthy and aged ladies who come in a group always. In this journey, she meets up Angy a fresh and bright new connection who helps her to come out of her own shell and face a brighter side life.


The Heiresses 2019 Full Movie Download

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